Jim Davis, President 2017-18
A Message From Our President Welcome   back   hikers   for   the   2017-2018   hiking   season.   Again,   we   have   nine   months   of   hikes   over   trails that   will   be   familiar   to   many   and   new   to   some.      Hats   off   to   Dave   Tedrahn   and   his   hike   leaders   for   their work   in   July   that   filled   our   schedule   through   December.      Dave   is   also   looking   for   prospective   hike   leaders to ease the load on some current leaders. This   year   starts   a   new   cycle   of   three   years   for   hikers   wanting   to   hike   the   225-mile   Ouachita   Trail   from Pinnacle    Mountain    near    Lake    Maumelle    to    Talimena    State    Park    in    Oklahoma.        This    is    the    “gold standards”   for   OMHikers.      To   date   79   hikers   have   completed   the   trail   and   some   will   be   finishing   during this hike year. There   are   two   overnight   hikes   this   fall:   Ozark   Mountains   and   Devil’s   Den   State   Park,   plus   an   overnight hike   on   Section   2   of   the   Ouachita   Trail   in   Oklahoma.      More   information   will   be   released   later   by   the   hike leader for those trips. There   are   also   some   plans   for   trails   that   will   be   of   interest   to   hikers.      Hot   Springs   is   working   to   complete the   Greenway   Trail   along   Hot   Springs   Creek.      Currently   the   trail   ends   just   shy   of   Golf   Link   Road.      Work   is in   progress   to   extend   the   trail   to   the   mouth   of   Hot   Springs   Creek   at   Lake   Hamilton.      This   work   should   be completed by year’s end. Another   trail   of   interest   for   OMHikers   is   the   Southwest   Trail   from   Little   Rock   to   Hot   Springs.      This   trail   will begin   at   the   River   Trail   in   Little   Rock,   work   its   way   to   Saline   County,   cross   the   Saline   River   outside Benton   and   continue   into   Garland   County   at   Lonsdale.   It   will   then   follow   Spring   Road   to   Hot   Springs where   it   will   join   the   Hot   Springs   Greenway   at   the   Transportation   Center.   There’s   no   completion   date   but planning work is underway. Yet   another   trail   of   interest   is   the   River   Trail,   proposed   from   St.   Louis   to   New   Orleans   along   the Mississippi   River.      Some   sections   are   already   complete   and   work   is   underway   on   other   sections.      A section   of   interest   is   a   10-mile   section   that   will   end   at   Arkansas   City,   one   of   the   state’s   historical   towns.     Another   is   the   hike   from   West   Memphis   into   Memphis   via   the   old   railroad   bridge   over   the   Mississippi River. One way to get the most from your membership is to hike whenever possible . . . it begins September 9.             If you are interested in joining the Ouachita Mountain Hikers, please CLICK HERE! .