Jim Davis, President 2017
A Message From Our President If   you   are   a   hiker   or   someone   wanting   to   hike   with   friendly   like-minded   people   .   .   .   you   have found the right place. There   are   around   300   members   on   the   Ouachita   Mountain   Hikers   (OMHikers)   roll   and   a large   number   participate   in   hikes   during   the   year.      Their   reasons   for   belonging   to   the   group are   as   varied   as   the   trails   the   club   hikes   at   least   twice   a   week   during   our   hiking   season which begins in September and extends to the following May. There   are   numerous   reasons   for   being   a   hiker   and   a   part   of   this   group.      Some   like   to   be outdoors,   other   are   interested   in   their   health,   others   like   the   comradery   among   the   hikers and   others   want   to   see   the   countryside   from   a   different   angle.      It   doesn’t   matter   the   reason why, it’s just what people like to do. The   “Holy   Grail”   for   OMHikers   is   the   Ouachita   Trail.      This   223-mile   trail   runs   from   Pinnacle Mountain   west   of   Little   Rock   to   Talimena   SP   in   eastern   Oklahoma.      It   crosses   numerous streams   and   mountains.      Some   places   are   steep   and   rocky,   others   are   flat.      Along   the   way there   may   be   trees   fallen   across   the   trail   and   there   are   always   insects   and   an   occasional snake.      From   time   to   time   hikers   may   get   a   glimpse   of   wildlife   such   as   deer,   turkeys, eagles,   and   even   bear.   Seventy   club   members   have   completed   the   trail   and   others   are nearing the end of their quest to conquer the Ouachita Trail. There   are   numerous   trails   in   Arkansas.      Some   are   in   the   national   forest,   others   in   state parks   and   others   along   our   rivers   and   streams.      On   occasion   the   club   will   hike   in   other states – Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Colorado and others.  Members   are   also   involved   in   maintaining   and   improving   the   trails   they   hike.      A   10.4   mile section   of   the   Ouachita   Trail,   located   totally   within   the   Flatside   Wilderness,   is   maintained by   the   club.      One   day   per   month   is   designated   as   a   work   day.      Another   day   each   month   the club   helps   maintain   the   Hot   Springs   National   Park   trails.      Other   times   the   club   pitches   in where   needed,   such   as   in   repairing   the   Caddo   Bend   trail   damaged   by   a   tornado   and   a major fire.  OMHikers not only hike the trails, we also care for them. If you are interested in joining the OMHikers, please CLICK HERE!.